Quick and Dirty Guide to Surviving BrightonSEO

It’s that time of year again. Brighton is awash with SEOs, PPC’er and other digital types all descending on the Brighton Dome for a day of nerd based festivities. Taking place across 3 venues at the Dome, BrightonSEO is the largest natural search conference in the UK with over 2000 delegates scrabbling for tickets from all over the UK and further afield and of all the conferences I have been to in the past 5 years; it is definitely the most fun to attend.

Having said that there are a few things that you need to know when attending a conference like this:

Get your grub on

Brighton is an amazing place to eat and drink with a whole host of brilliant places to eat and drink so try to avoid the lure of a national chain and try something a bit more local. I’ve knocked up a quick list of some great local places to eat at:


If I could go back in time and tell my pre-conference self one thing, it’d be that SEOs love a tea and coffee break, and the queues for food and drink at peak times can become unholy. The sight of the bar area is usually totally impenetrable through a wall of people so try to leave as soon as a talk finishes to beat the starving masses, before the wait on a quick caffeine fix requires you by law to take up citizenship.

Pay attention, listen and absorb

I know it’s tempting to start jotting down notes, live tweet what the speaker is saying and make a start on that roundup blog but its really not what you are here for. I’m as guilty as anyone for this but I do try and eliminate all these things while the talk is going on as much as possible so I can fully take in and understand what is being discussed. There will be plenty of time for tweeting the next day while recovering from your hangover – which brings me nicely onto…

Get your beer on

BrightonSEO is known for it’s afterparty. Kelvin does a fantastic job at organising the day and I think it’s only fair that you show your face and give thanks. Plus they are really good; the drinks flow, the music is usually top notch and its a great way to meet new people without the social awkwardness of trying to remain professional in front of your peers – especially when they are asking you to come to “a little club they know”. 8 hours later your a mess but have met some really great people and had the time of your life!

So go forth; enjoy the day, it’s going to be a cracker!

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