Android SEO Apps & Tools to Supercharge Your Tablet

So you’ve got yourself a tablet for Christmas, and you’re thinking of how it can make your portable life more useful. Well, there are lots of little jobs in SEO. The problem with these little jobs is that they take up your free time but now thanks to some great Android SEO tools you can take your PC with you everywhere you go to get some work done while on the move.

In comparison to the iPhone, the Android market has lacked in SEO applications. It doesn’t really have the same calibre of SEO apps, but at least with these Android SEO tools you can spend your time playing with your new Christmas tablet more wisely.

Now with your Android smart phone you can check campaign progress, check up on your competitors and analyse websites with these Android SEO apps available from the marketplace.


This app is useful in retrieving Google Pagerank as well as the Alexa rank of a particular website and even keeps a historical view of your searches. The paid pro version has a range of extra features including the internal and external links of the website and option to do a whois on the domain. Not a bad little app for £4.99.

Keyword Checker

This handy Android SEO tool allows you to enter a website, and then proceeds to scan it looking for keywords. Once it completes the scan, it returns the top one, two, and three phrase keywords on the site searched.

The information can be quite useful though it can be quite hard to read, as it’s basically just a wall of text.

SEO Automatic

If you’re looking for professional level SEO tools for Android, the SEO Automatic app isn’t a bad addition to your kit. The app scans the source code of a website and lets you know if you have certain tags in place, such as the h1 tag, or if you have titles set-up for images. Though the data it provides is quite basic, as it doesn’t show any raw data.

SEO SERP Tracker

A simple SERP tracker app, this handy Android SEO app allows you to check your website rank in search engine. It took a little time for the process to finish but it’s an easy way to get rankings on the move.


Probably my favourite SEO app for Android, this is an all-in-one tool in determining domain rankings as it provides Google Pagerank (PR), Alexa rank, inbound links, backlinks plus social media metrics and information from Facebook, Twitter and Delicious. Even though it’s a paid app, it’s $1.99 worth spending.

SEO Tools for Android

It gives you the Google Pagerank, number of pages indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing, the number of backlinks according to these search engines and the Alexa rank. One feature of this app is clicking on any of the metrics will send you to the page it found it from. For example, click Yahoo links will sent you to the Yahoo Site Explorer (This needs to be changed to a Yahoo Site Explorer alternative now though).


Not technically an SEO app, but it’s so useful I’m going to add it in any way. With this great application you can get access to your PC from anywhere and use all the SEO software you wouldn’t normally have access to while on the move. One of the must have SEO tools for Android and probably the best $9.99 I’ve spent in my life.

The above Android SEO tools are a great addition to the marketplace, though they are still limited. Hopefully some of the bigger SEO companies will enter the Android market as well (I’m looking at you Moz).

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